Become our Headhunter!

Refer candidates and earn money with Weegree!

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Become our Headhunter!

Refer candidates and earn money with Weegree!

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Start working with us today!

Earn up to €500 per candidate referral!

Do you have potential candidates from Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia?


What will you gain by working with us?

Attractive commisions

Enjoy a salary tailored to your commitment and performance.

Substantive support

During onboarding you will be given the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve the best results.

We actively sell in 6 European markets, and recruit employees from all over the world.

International experience


Providing specialists is our speciality. We Agree.

Weegree is a dynamic company, constantly striving for excellence and professionalism. A commitment to innovation lies at the heart of our business, inspiring us to push the boundaries - not only in the services we provide, but also in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who are constantly raising standards with a passion and commitment, ensuring comprehensive service at the highest level.


We are a pioneer in robotization and innovative technologies.

Complete care

Benefits, paid transportation and housing - employee satisfaction is our priority.



Insurance and diligent application of regulations and procedures of legal employment.


We proudly represent the highest standards in recruitment and personnel management.



Reach new customers by offering services from our broad portfolio. A recognized brand and the highest quality of our operations will help you reach new markets and contacts.

We operate all over Europe!

We actively market our services in Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

How to become Headhunter at Weegree?

Use the form or write to na



Commission rates, goals, bonuses and when you can start.


Once in place, you can start sourcing candidates and making money!

Our customers:

Working with Weegree has brought me much more than just additional income. By joining their team, I gained access to the latest tools and technologies in the recruitment industry, which allowed me to streamline my processes and increase efficiency.

Eduard - Georgia

Weegree really understands what it means to be a recruiter. I feel that my work is appreciated not only financially. Cash awards and a broad knowledge base are hallmarks of the company.

Veranika - Belarus

What our Headhunters say about us?

How to search for candidates?
Utilize a comprehensive range of resources to source candidates, including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, cold calling, networking, job promotion at events, regional labor services, newspapers, and dedicated job announcement websites at both regional and national levels. By leveraging these diverse channels, you will maximize your reach and ensure that you connect with a wide pool of potential candidates.
Does the HR experience is required?
No, having prior experience in the industry would be advantageous, but it is not a requirement. What we value most is your network, motivation, and commitment. The recruitment process will be conducted by our company recruiters, who will assess your suitability for the role based on various factors.
What kind of workers do we need?
We employ individuals across various fields, with a particular specialization in blue-collar workers within the manufacturing industry. Our expertise lies in sourcing and placing workers in sectors such as automotive, food, logistics, electronics, and metal industry.
What kind of support will you receive?
You will receive an onboarding package and benefit from daily support throughout your journey with us.
Does our activity comply with the law?
Yes, we are professionals, and we exclusively engage in legal employment. That's why we place significant emphasis on following proper legalization procedures. Our employees are diligent in paying taxes and insurance contributions, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.
Why is it worthwhile working with us?
We are an established and innovative company with a strong presence in the market for the past 20 years. Our approach is highly personalized, and we prioritize continuous growth. Partnering with us can not only enhance your portfolio, but also offer a chance for mutual development in sync with our organization.
Do you just have to search for candidates and pass their contact details?
Your role will be that of a "matchmaker". Our teams will handle the selection and interview process.
What is the difference between the individual contract and B2B contract for signing?
In our company, an individual contract B2C refers to a contract signed with a natural person, while a B2B contract refers to a contract with an individual who operates a company.
Should candidates be EU citizens?
Currently, we are accepting candidates from EU, EEA, and Switzerland countries, as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, and Georgia. This is due to the simplified legalization procedures in place for these regions.
Do we offer relocation assistance for candidates coming from abroad?
We provide relocation assistance to our candidates. As part of our services, we offer temporary accommodation in our hostel before transferring them to their designated workplace.
Do you allow to work for other companies?
Yes, it is a freelance position that you can easily combine with your full-time job.
What's the structure of the company?
We have dedicated recruitment departments, real estate departments, as well as a cutting-edge technology and robotics department.
When is the latest date for joining the team?
The program is still open for enrollment.

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Refer candidates and earn money!

By working with us, you will gain opportunities for professional development and access to the latest technologies.


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